Seller’s Guide to Moving on

Make a decision

This may seem simple but truly it is not. Most people think about moving for a great deal of time before actually doing it. Once you make the decision to go forward go full steam ahead and let’s get this house sold.


Make a list

What would you like to sell your home for? When is the ideal time to move? Do you know where you are going? Try to get a list going so everyone can be on the same page with work schedules, finances, and future planning.


De-clutter and Tidy Up

It is always a good idea to de-clutter your home as much as possible to give buyers a wide-open feel as they walk through the home. Spend a day deep cleaning the house or call your favorite cleaning company and spruce up the house.


Make a listing appointment with Amber

When you phone Amber, she will gather some useful information about the home and try to give you an estimate of value based on the info you provide. During your appointment, you can discuss your wishes and what you hope to leave the closing table with. Amber will give you an honest opinion about the value of the home based on the comparable homes that have recently sold. During your listing appointment, Amber will take measurements of the home, take photos and dictate any important items to include in your listing.


Home Showings

Life is still happening in your home while you market it to prospective buyers so the easiest thing to do is to try and keep it as show ready as possible. Amber will schedule appointments to show your home during times that are most convenient for you; however, remember we want every qualified buyer to look at the house and the home should be available as much as possible.


Offer Received

It’s wonderful and exactly what we want, or it’s not. We will negotiate with the buyer until everyone is on the same page. The initial offer is a starting point and hopefully, we can get to endpoint that makes you happy. Regardless Amber will negotiate on your behalf to be sure you walk away satisfied at the end of the transaction.


Negotiate Inspections Reports

The buyer will typically have requests after the inspections and Amber will negotiate with the buyer’s agent to get to a point you are comfortable with.



Next up the buyer’s lender will order an appraisal to make sure the value of the home is in line with the sales price. Best case scenario they are very similar. A worst-case scenario for a seller is the appraised value is lower than the price the buyer was willing to pay. In this instance, we will negotiate to try and reach a meeting point that works for everyone. The lender will not loan more than the appraised value of the home.


Moving on up or down

Time to sign the closing documents; this is the easy part for the seller. We are done! Now, are we moving up or maybe downsizing? Let’s find you your new home

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